Design Services and Prices

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Pre-Made Covers

Prices for pre-made covers vary depending on the time and amount of work that went into creating them. The price for each is listed beneath the cover. If you’d like to purchase a pre-made cover, just email me with the name that’s listed on the cover, and tell me what you’d like the title and author name to be. I can also add a quote, sub-title, or tagline as needed.

Any cover available can be made into a series cover with color/typography changes for just $15 extra per cover.

Any pre-made cover can be turned into a print cover for an additional $50, or an audiobook cover for an additional $25.

Once a pre-made has been purchased, it will be removed from the pre-made gallery and will not be sold again.


Custom Cover Packages

E-Book Cover: $200

Print Cover + E-Book: $250

Print Cover + E-Book Cover + Audiobook Cover: $300

Stock is sourced from either or Any stock that comes from either site is included in the price. Any premium stock, such as from or will cost extra.



If you have a piece of art that you’d like to use for a cover, but don’t know how to do the text yourself, I can help with that.

E-book typography: $75

Print cover typography (includes typography for e-book): $125


Web Banners

If you want banners for your website, blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, or any other place that you might want to get your name, and your books, out there, I’ve got you covered. No pun intended. I can take pre-existing artwork and turn it into a banner, or design a banner for you from scratch.

First banner: $50.

Subsequent banners: $15 each.


If there’s something you need that you don’t see listed here, please feel free to email me and ask about it. Chances are, even if it’s not something I anticipated people wanting, I’ll be able and happy to help you.

All prices are listed in US$.