Design Services and Prices

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Premade Covers and Sets

Once a cover has been paid for, it’s yours. It will never be sold to anyone else.

Most covers can be turned into a series for no extra charge. Just choose which style of typography you like, and I can change the rest to match.

If you don’t have a title yet, you can buy the covers now and I’ll change the title when you’re ready for it.

I’m happy to change a font for no extra charge. If you see a font on another premade in my collection that you like better, just let me know and I’ll swap it out. Or if you’re trying to match a font to a cover that you already own, I’ll do my best to match it, within reason.

Custom Cover Packages

There are two custom cover packages available:

The Wicked Good Custom Package

This package will get you an eye-catching cover with kick-ass typography and basic photomanipulation (1 – 3 photos merged together using simple masking techniques) that is appropriate for genres such as mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, literature, and horror.

Here are some examples of Wicked Good Custom type covers:

eCover: $250

add a spine and back: $75

add an audiobook cover $75

The Wicked Awesome Photomanipulation Package

This package will get you an eye-catching cover with kick-ass typography and detailed photomanipulation (as many photos as required, cut out and merged to create a dramatic, cohesive design) that is appropriate for genres such as urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and paranormal romance.

Here are some examples of Wicked Awesome Photomanipulation type covers:

eCover: $300

add a spine and back: $75

add an audiobook cover $75

***Stock is sourced from or rendered in Daz. (Stock licenses, or proof of purchase for Daz resources can be provided upon request.) Any stock that comes from is included in the price. Any premium stock, such as from or may cost extra.

Typography/Cover Layout

If you have a piece of art that you’d like to use for a cover, but don’t know how to do the text yourself, I can help with that.

eCover typography: $75

eCover typography and print layout: $125

Print and eBook Formatting

If you’d like to have your story formatted for ebook and/or print, I can run it through Vellum for you.

0 – 34,999 words: $50

35,000 – 69,999 : $75

70,000 – 104,999: $100

105,000 – 139,999: $125

140,000 – 174,999: $150

210,000 – 244,999: $175

245,000 – 279,999: $200

315,000 – 349,999: $225

350,000 and up: $250

The cost includes the files for both print and ebook (a print PDF, plus files for Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play, and Nook)

Promotional Materials

If you need magnets, fliers, business cards, signage, or any other items for promotional purposes, I can design them for you, and provide you with the print-ready files for a basic fee. Or for an additional cost I can take care of uploading the files to an online printer and shipping them to you. For a price quote, send me an email and we can discuss the details.**

**Book covers use standard-license images, unless an extended license is purchased by the author. Covers made with a standard license  may only be used on the books they’ve been purchased for, and in materials used for advertising or promotional purposes, such as Facebook ads or banners. They may not be used on merchandise for resale (for example, but not limited to, mugs, t-shirts, posters, postcards, bookmarks, etc.)

***If there’s something you need that you don’t see listed here, please feel free to email me and ask about it. Chances are, even if it’s not something I anticipated people wanting, I’ll be able and happy to help you.

All prices are listed in US$